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Marshall DSL 100
6 26%
Peavey 6505
7 30%
Laney VH100R
8 35%
Vox AC100
4 17%
Voters: 23.
Ok, im about to send of for a youth grant thing to try and fund a new amp, but i need to say exactly what im going to buy, so...
What are people opinions about which i should go for?

Marshall DSL100

Peavey 6505

Laney VH100

Vox AC100

I play mostly metal, but sometimes muse style stuff as well, so the amp needs to be fairly versatile
i think you should try and get a mesa/boogie dual rectifier
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
My budget is around £750 (roughly $1500) for the head...

dual rectos are around £2000

as much as id love one... thats a liiiitle out of range
they're going to give you grant to buy an new amplifier? well, i'd say the best amp for your style would be the laney.
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Somehow, I suspect the government isn't going to fork out the best part of a grand to get you a new amp.
A used Mesa F-50 would be great, but out of your list above I'd have the Laney.The 5150 isn't bad, but I find it a bit fizzy unless you get the opportunity to crank it.
cheers for the advice,
and yeahh, theres a local fund in my area for that sort of stuff, my ex-drummer got £1000 for a new drum kit from them, so i thought its worth a try

theyre most likely to part fund it, so i'll still have to find a fair bit
laney looks most likely at the moment, is it true that its best to get celestion speakers in the cabinet?
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laney looks most likely at the moment, is it true that its best to get celestion speakers in the cabinet?

Yeah celestions are very good especially the Vintage 30s and G12hs.