Ive had a stagg bc300 for around a year and a half now.


Its my first bass and its been pretty good for learning, the only problem is the ouyput jack, it is very loose and the bass cuts out constantly when plugged into an amp, its getting really annoying

My friend has finally found a drummer for our band and with all the free time in the summer we will be practising a lot more, I would like to get this fixed before we start practising.

If you stand perfectly still it will be fine but if you move at all theres a horrible buzzing noise or it just cuts out.

I was looking around for a repleacement but there are so many different kinds.

Ive also tried pushing the contact on the output switch closer, it helps slightly but the lead always moves about, at first i thought it was the leads but after replacing them it still happenes

Anyone help?
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*Cough* Output jack. You can probably take it to a guitar shop and get a new one installed. It shouldn't be too difficult.
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take it to your local music dealer and let the equiptment guys take a look....otherwise search for stagg dealers that sell just parts....look around in ebay too. thats all i can think of bro