I spent some more time on this one, instead of rushing like I normally do. So I think it's my best (Although I say that about every song I make ) I'd like to hear what you think, and offer any suggestions that you think will make it even more awesome.
The Long Road.zip
That's pretty nice man. Y' know how the lead part has that wah-ish tone? Well, maybe go for a normal distorted tone sometimes coz the effect can get a bit annoying to listen to. Apart from that, it's really good.
Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
is that rock?
i never listened to rock music.
i liked the lead guitar. :]
sounds a bit empty without lyrics..
that solo starting from 109 sounds weird.
but all in all, a good song, i think..
it's hard not to be subjective..
i'd give 8/10, because it's somekind of repetitive and the lead guitar sounded sometimes out off key. and i hate rock.
Good ideas you used in this piece, but it kinda got boring without lyrics! Record it with lyrics and it´d be way better. 7/10

Bar 179 kinda seems strange to me... why tap these notes?

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