I have about 250$ to spend and I want to get a recording setup that will allow me to record my electric/acoustic guitars and vocals in a decent quality. A good quality for a demo CD for example.

I have a Fender Princeton 650 Guitar Amp by the way.

I've been looking through and came up with this setup:

Shure SM57 Microphone
M-Audio Fast Track USB Recording Interface w/ Session
Sennheiser HD280 Professional Headphones

I'd like to ask for your advice and see if you have any suggestions or should I just go ahead and buy this?
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Solid setup. No problems here. If anything, I'd recommend Americanmusical for the equipment...all the stuff I got from them was in good shape and arrived quickly. You may also want to look into pop filters for the SM57 for vocals.
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The M-Audio Fast Track USB isn't all that good, I have one and it's decent at the most, it gives me quite a bit of trouble.
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No mixing in headphones. If you plan on doing much with the mix, get some monitors. From there, you start to get sucked into the recording thing... like me.

For just making demos though, that should be good.
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