Were there any directions that came with the gun? Also, there's nothing like a hole that's too small to ruin all the fun. . .
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The gas goes in the back, where the cocking lever would be...


Read the instruction manual, it explains everything in great detail. If you don't have the manual, go to the manufacturer's website and look it up.

Be sure to clean your gun after you use it so it doesn't turn into fecal matter.
Dont buy it.
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and what bout the hoppper?

It goes on top. Read the Damn manual. You also need a connector piece for the hopper.

If you want someone to explain it to you look it up on youtube or google it.

You could also go to a sporting goods store where paintball markers are sold and ask them.
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Ok, well maybe this gun is different form all other paintball guns out there.

Use some common sense... you see where the little gas pressure dial is? I'm assuming the gas goes in somewhere around there then.
The Prob Is I Live In Mexico Dude. And My Comp Is Fd( Using One Without Adobe) Up And I Vought It For A Friend And He Lost The Manual. Just Please Confirm Me If The Gas Tank Goes There
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The gas goes in the back, where the cocking lever would be...

no. not where the cocking lever would be. it goes on the bottom just under the handle, you need to buy an ASA to hook it up though.
The gas goes through the front grip. Screw one of the L bends into the bottom of the front grip and then you need an adapter for your air tank that most likely screws into the bottom of the pistol grip.
Ok, since all the other UGers so far seem like paintball retards , this gun doesn't come with an ASA or Macroline. So go buy yourself a decent on/off ASA (air source adapter) and about a foot of macroline, and mount it then screw the tank into the ASA.