Pretty sweet tune, kinda primusy in the first half then goes slightly dream theater nicely done.
kinda sounds like the robot chicken theme song
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That's a sick riff. I like it. I would recommend having the bass coming in first and then having the guitar add to it.
Yeah I second the above. The song didn't really catch in w/ me until the bass/drum combo hit.

I might consider panning the first lead. Is it double-tracked or just sine-d up?

The reverb totally changes at around the 3/5ths mark (i can't see exact times). It's a little disconcerting.

All of the parts are totally cool man. Every one of them.
If I did it, this is how I did it.
the whole melody is double tracked. yea i was thinking about having the bass come in before the guitar, thanks for the suggestions and comments!
I also like the part that starts after 2:40, that into the solo that follows was my favorite part. I can also agree with the bass comments, I'm not sure what the real solution is, if it was me id have a hat tapping or something but that style might not fit your music. Riff work, guitar tone, lead work are all great, you can tell you put thought and hard work into this track. The bass sounds really cool, I'm diggin the tones comin out there. Good work man and keep it up.
You know, I was thinking about the intro a bit man...

You may want to like... cut the lows and highs from it... like totally EQ the **** out of it until the bass cuts in.

Then it would seem kinda... like it's not really there... but the rythym is....

Yeah, that's what I would do with the intro.

You've got a great song here.
If I did it, this is how I did it.