Ok my dad just bought me a Jackson Dk2 anyway I noticed on the back of the floyd rose(I'm looking on the front of the guitar but the back of the floyd rose) and it looks like it is sitting flat all the other ones that I have played were sitting high and my A string wont play past 5 fret and I also just changed the strings.So I have 2 questions did I mess up on changing my strings and how do I get it to sit higher.I am also a noob to Floyd Roses
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you probly should have left it alone till you knew EXACLTY the proper way to change strings. You need to take it to a guitar center with a repair shop or a leuthier.
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Uhh. It's not as dramatic as Dark Raven10 makes it seem. Your bridge is too low, which means there's too much tension. What tuning are you playing in? If you're drop C or lower, you need to take a spring off, unless there's only two. You can fix it yourself, it just may take a **** load of time to figure out. I highly suggest doing that rather than letting someone else fix it for you. If you're honestly stuck with no idea what else to do, THEN go get help and ask what exactly they did to fix it.
I keep this guitar in Drop D and there are three springs
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Here, give this a watch and make sure you did put the strings on right. It's important to keep your bridge level as the guy explains while you're putting them on and tuning. I have a feeling that's what you messed up on.

You should be fine with three springs if you're playing in drop D. You CAN take the middle spring out, it would probably fix the problem, but you'd have a lot more work with tuning it and such.
If I tune to Drop C will I have to take out a spring?
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Most likely yes. I've had to with three of my floyd roses, though I know some people that have level bridges with three springs in drop C. They have different feel, but I prefer drop C with two springs. You'll have a lot easier time setting it up.
If you've never changed strings on a Floyd Rose...

DEAR GOD, GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU. Get a professional to restring the guitar, it is a pain in the ass.
If the floating tremelo system isn't floating, then the string tension isn't high enough. Take it into the shop.
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