So I've been looking around at different pedal options, and I find that I really prefer smaller makers like Catalinbread and Frantone over big companies like Boss and Digitech.

What do you guys prefer, big or small?
I don't really care what name is on the pedal really. I want whatever it is to sound good and get what I want out of it. Some of the Boss pedals make a killer platform for modding and such

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I prefer the midrange companies like EHX, MXR, or BBE, big enough to keep thier prices resonable, but still make quality pedals, unlike most BOSS or Digitech (though there are exceptions)
generally small company means lower output of pedals so more time spent and they sound better. meet your new favorite word: "boutique"

oh yea, theyre also normally 2-3 times the price of the equivalent boss unit.

balance of preference and budget really
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doesnt matter as long as it sounds good
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