ok so this morning my computer desides to be a dick to me. last night it was working fine, didnt drop my laptop or anything bad to it. i plug it in and the input for the power suply is all ****ed up.

is there anything i can do to make it not be all messed up besides takeing it into a shop.
maybe it needs a new battery because most battery powered electronics have their batteries go to the sh*tter
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yeah the battery is ****, thats why i have to have the power suply on it all the time.


whats goin on with the power input is that its not makeing a conection and i have to bend the **** out of the cord tip that goes into it so it will. but the slightest movement makes it go dead.
well they are old as **** lol. were talkin a IBM think pad.............i doubt they still sell **** for them.
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ahh, time to get a new laptop then.

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