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long story short, i have a 1980's washburn raven. looks like this


really badly beaten and crack

so my plans:

new tuners:
new pickups+rings:

bridge will have to stay the same cause I can't find a new one


now the big question....
1. Should I finish it in white or black?
2. How many cans of primer/paint/clear should i get? keep in mind, i have to refinish the body, back of the neck, and the headstock. Paint will come from www.reranch.com
3. any ideas on how to find a new bridge? i'd like one, and I don't have the equipment to reroute or anything

I'd do black very very classic and you can save money by getting the white nitrocellulose primer from reranch and you cna get the black nitrocellulose and clearcoats and sealer from stewmac cheaper than reranch
thanks man ill go check out stewmac. i don't want to blow to much money on this, maybe like $250-300 cause I'm also getting a nice strat this summer.

they both look so good too!

ill put up a poll
neither of those are my guitar. mines a tacky red color and is chipped in alot of places. i think it was also tried to be refinished because it has orange peels in the paint
alrighty then im thinking white. Ill know for sure once i buy my new strat (american deluxe v neck, 57' reissue, or EJ) and a lovepedal 200lbs. then ill know my budget
yeah i usually just set it and forget about it. its a cool pedal, but i think the treble's a little to shrill