Trying to position myself so that I could possibly be picked up by a band or start one with a guitarist and a drummer I recently met up with. Problem is, I know what songs I like to play, and usually I play them based on a cool riff or chord progression. I really don't know what other people like to listen to.

So, my question is, does anybody have a list of "staples" that I should learn? I play bass and rhythm (mostly acoustic). Most cover bands around here are older guys playing southern rock. Most original bands around here are young guys playing original punk. I dont' know if I should go with the flow and just learn a bunch of Skynrd and Doobie Brothers or what.

The only band I'm aware of that is doing something much different is that some guys I know that build guitars are playing a bunch of 80's dance music, even stuff like Billie Jean and Cindi Lauper, and people are loving it.

I just don't have any musical friends outside of my church band right now so I really don't know what to practice and learn in order to minimize a learning curve later on. I figured I should concentrate on bass... seems like existing bands who need anybody at all always need a bass player, rhythm players are a dime a dozen.

Anyway, suggestions for crowd favorites for cover bands who don't focus on any particular artist would be great.
Just play the music you like. If you want to play The Who and then Cyndi Lauper and then Megadeth and then Van Morrison in that order, whose stopping you? Do it. Don't go out there and play Sweet Child O Mine just because you think thats what every band is suppose to cover.
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For some reason the crowd goes crazy every time my band plays 'Smoke on the Water'
Here in Israel they only want them Israeli songs... But I recently found out that most people around here know Paranoid.
At every gig, anywhere in the world, there's a drunk guy at the bar shouting "Freeeeebiiird!"

You MUST know it, else you will know his wrath...

As far as everything else goes, just do what you feel like but put your own spin on it. Nothing wrong with doing pop, I did a kickass glam rock version of Whole Again by Atomic Kitten and have also successfully managed to crowbar the lyrics to Livin La Vida Loca into the Paranoid tune.
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At every gig, anywhere in the world, there's a drunk guy at the bar shouting "Freeeeebiiird!"

You MUST know it, else you will know his wrath...

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seriously man, pick some tunes that will appeal to a wide variety of people when you're playing to the audience, clapton, hendrix, ozzy, greenday, skynyrd, nirvana, pink floyd. really the list goes on and on. people generally want to hear the stuff they like thats easily recognizable and catchy. i personally know some staind, skynyd, pink floyd, bush and things like that.