I just got a RGR320EX, it's a metal guitar and is double-locking.
I love it to bits but looking around I've seen on forums that tuning to drop D, drop C etc. can be a hassle on double-locking guitars.
I haven't tuned it down yet but I was just wandering what I actually have to do?
The guitar has little pads at the top of the necks with allen key holes on... do I have to unscrew these then tune?
And does all of this affect intonation?

Ibanez RGR320EX Line 6 Spider II 30w Dunlop CryBaby
yeah, it's kind of a pain. when you detune one of the strings w/ the headstock tuners, you actually are taking pressure off of the bridge. this is especially true w/ the bass strings. it causes the bridge to sink into the body of the guitar, which sharpens the other strings. You just have to keep on retuning until you are in tune with the other strings. also, you may have to adjust the screws in the back of the guitar to get your bridge at a comfortable hieght.