i was just looking on musicians friend and saw a behringer v-ampire head for like 150 bucks since it is a refurbished item or something. does anyone know if this is a good head? i play everything from classic rock to reggae. i've been playing for about a year and a half and am looking for a good new amp. rite now i'm playing a 15 watt line 6 spider III (christmas present) which sux ass. The behringer is a modelling head and obviously i haven't had the best experience with modelling amps after the spider.
You'd need a cab to play through. Also, behringer isn't exactly the greatest. Just keep saving your cash until you can afford something better.
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Its like a louder, crappier version of the Spider without speakers...arguably that's a good thing.

$150 isn't enough for a decent upgrade, wait until you've got a bit more money at your disposal
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I'd invest in a 30w valve combo, for your experience you won't need a halfstack, no one ever really does
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Behringer are one of those that sounds great - cheap, cheerful and powerful. The words 'too good to be true' spring to mind. If you've not had the best luck with Modelling heads, I'd advise to stay away for a while, and try to find a solid Tube combo - Maybe try and have a look at some of the Peavey range - I've found a few of the Windsors to be impressively cheap, and they're good pieces of kit. A Valve-king would do a similarly solid job as well. I'd say try and save up as much as you can for one of this pair.
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Behringer is a big NONO

you'll be better of with a epiphone valve junior combo or a blackheart

But whatever you do
DO NOT get behringer even Mg's are better and that says alot
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I'd advise against buying a beringer, they sound awful.
Why not have a look around local pawn shops - you can pick up some great gear for a bargain that way.
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