It´s been a while since I posted my last Song, so this is a new one. It´s called Pearl Jam because I hadn´t thought of a Title when I wrote it. Have a happy listening

Edit: Btw, it sounds better on RSE
Pearl Jam.zip
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Even though you say its not grunge, that intro riff sounds like something pearl jam would have recorded. I'm a big fan of the verse and prechorus, though it feels like it takes too long to get to the chorus the first time around. The 2nd and 3rd bar of the solo are really good, but the triplets don't really do it for me - the rest of it doesn't really sound like it fits the song. Anyway, I really like it. I would want to hear it done with real instruments and a vocalist. 7/10
Glad to see you unbanned and in this part of the forum! Well, what to crit, other than that this song is awesome?

Right from the start, this song has a nice cool rhythm to it. The groove was really nice, something missing from many songs in this forum. Though, the first few bars of the intro (before the main riff comes in) needed some times to get accustomed to. But once it does, it rocks.

The jazz guitar in the chorus was really cool. Added a nice touch to the song. The solo was great, melodic, and not retardedly fast or anything. Just perfect, and it worked as an ending.

Well, there is something that bothers me from this. The repetition of the verse etc was kinda repetitive, imho, although with lyrics and vocals that could be fixed. But again, as with everything, a variation to the latter half of the song wouldn't hurt .

Overall, this is a solid piece. It sounds like a proper song, everything was there, just a bit repetitive on some part. Not really groundbreaking or breakthrough, but meh, you'll live. But all in all, it was a good listen. Just add vocals and a little variation and it would be great.
I like this.

In the intro, the harmonics are off. The last one makes the song sound major, but all your other instruments are playng in a minor key. It just sounds wierd.

The riff after that is EXCELLENT. So good.

Nothing really stands out to me in the verse.

I like the prechorus too, but not as much as tat first riff.

Nice chorus. Can you actually sing that high?

Yay! Intro riff!

Yeah, those harmonics in the bridge defeniteley sound off.

The solo was oky, but you should work on your phrasing a little bit.

I'll give it an 8/10. Loved that intro riff. You can crit anything in my sig if you'd like.
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