Ive been using a metronome but its taking some time to increase my finger speed, any suggestions.
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.... practice
. ..... practice
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Take a post it and write the following on it:

"Music is not like instant coffee." Put this somewhere you can see it each time you practice.

Yes, it can be frustrating to have to slowly improve your skills, but consistent practice is the only way to improve. Here's a thought; record yourself practicing today and then 2 weeks from now. You may not think you are improving but this be a good way to hear your improvement overtime, keep you from being frustrated and help you to identify the areas you still need to improve in.
I have a similar quote to that Tam, but I say "Making music is not like making enchiladas", but I guess the idea is the same.

Let's not forget TS. Speed is a byproduct of honing good technique. Practice those scales slowly a gazillion times, each time going faster while being comfortable.