In this video (at 1 minute point) I've never seen this slapping/tapping with a finger per string technique before.

Can anyone tell me more about it, tips on how it's done etc? It sounds amazing.
Yes, it's Happy?. I would have thought it was a more difficult technique than that.
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By doing this technique you also seem to get overtones an octave up that sound out quite powerfully. I read somewhere that he started doing it as an alternative to the octave pedal he was using at the time, in the recording process of the album. Sounds bloody cool though
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i used to use this technique in my last band. it takes a little bit to get it down but its worth it.
Nikki197666 is right though. i got it from ryan. it helps because when you're playing in a band and there are parts where you cant be heard try this technique and it make you cut through the mix without being too overwhelming. on mudvaynes new song 'do what you do' during the little break ryan employs this technique. on a side note i just posted my tab for this song and you will be able to see what im talking about. you need GP5 though.
Asked this same question a while back. Delirium is right, as usual. I use that technique in one of my originals just for effect.
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