Has ne1 here taught them selves to play by just playing at the guitar. No lessons, books or anything like that. The reason i ask is because thats what i'm trying to do. I can't afford lessons, I bought a teach yourself package and got bored with it after a day. I love playing and everything about the guitar, actually im obsessed. I have learned a little like some song parts(mainly fron tabs in guitar world and on here) and i know the blues scale(which isn't hard) but thats about it. i practice playing up and down the neck but i just dont know what else to practice. Any suggestions
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Ultimate-Guitar is a great resource to teach yourself to play. Just check out the lesson articles and actively practice what some of them teach. Continue playing songs and trying to play songs, as that is not only great practice, but it's fun to do and really helps a lot.
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wtf do what everyone else does
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I just learned by playing songs. Everyone has their own techniques that suit them in order to assist their learning. Getting lessons might suit you if you find it hard to motivate yourself.

I never found it hard to do something I love though.
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just learn the songs you enjoy listening too
if oits too hard
do something easier
and master it
then choose another song which needs more work and ups your skill
youll see your improvements and yopull develop better technique
dont restrict yourself to one genre either!
I think you "learded" to spell on your own also.

try to learn as many scales (major and minor) as you can. then the pentatonic scales, and blues scales. also, try learning something from that book, there are probably some good speed exercises and scales you can learn.
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Doesnt asking that question completely contradict what you want to do?

lmao, agreed.
Yes, there are many people that have taught themselves with no teacher or books. What alot of people used to do was listen to a record over and over again and try to copy what they heard...
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Doesnt asking that question completely contradict what you want to do?

i guess maybe im just kinda stuck and thought i would ask. I don't know why everyone gives me attitude it's just a simple question if it bothers you don't reply
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Just play to songs you like, pick up scales and have fun.
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this site really helped me become a better guitarist. this site unlocked a whole lot of stuff for me as a musician. learn songs from tabs, go to the lessons section and ask as many questions as you can.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
i appreciate everyone who replies with a real thought but it kinda bothers me that when i do ask something there is always some jerk who thinks he is a guitar god that makes stupid smart ass remarks. but this site does seem to have some good resources.
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