Sorry, but i am about to purchase a new guitar, after having worked my ass off for months. thing is, i cant decide between these 3:

Schecter C-1 Blackjack - http://www.schecterguitars.com/index.asp

LTD H-1001 - http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_deluxe-h.html

Epiphone Sg Prophecy - http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-SG-Prophecy-EX-Electric-Guitar-with-EMG-81-85-Pickups-515622-i1386472.gc

Any help would be appreciated. Playing metalcore, emocore kinda stuff, eg blessthefall, From Autumn To Ashes and some Bring Me The Horizon, As Blood Runs Black etc.
The ESP has more typical pickups for those styles but I'd go for the Schecter for the flexibility
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the esp. i have a feeling pophecies are all looks and ltd are great value for money guitars
All all three the same Price? The EPI was $550.00 but the LTD looked more expensive!