THIS SONG IS THE BALLS! (In a good way)

I haven't heard music like this in centuries...

You make me want to buy a Burger King costume and hand people CDs with your music on it on trays...

Too bad I already have a bad record with the police
Like the random thing at the beginning, haha. Tune is catchy, vocals are great. Mixing is good overall but the vocals dont sit perfectly in the mix. Distorted tone could use a little more beef. Overall great track, enjoyed it man.
The first two chords you use are two of my favorite ever, so naturally i like the key and feel of this song. Singing is good, drums are excellent. I do agree about the distorted guitar, its a bit quiet and bringing it up a bit (at least when vocals aren't going) might help give the track that extra punch. Other than that I think this track is well produced, good job to everyone involved.

If you got time to check out somethin a little different (metal-ish instrumental), feel free