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I like it allot. Try not to sing with the melody I think you should write your own vocal line apart from the guitar. I have an entire book of why this is boring and you wouldnt have heard a thing from me had I not read that book because I love the recording.
You actually have a whole book on just that? I bet your bluffing... But if not then where can I buy said book

Anyway, cheers!
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the stabs of backing guitar seem off at parts. So, resolving that would be nice.
Also, this piece would hugely benefit from bass + percussion. A sick, louder-than-average baseline would be amazing with this. Also, maybe bump the vocal volume up a bit, and the 'lead' guitar down just a tad. The rhythm guitar has a nice tone to it, though.

Overall, it's really nice.
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i REALLY like the song. my only gripe is the vocal track. ur singing is great, but ur not belting the vocals... like... rerecord your vocals but this time SING FROM UR DIAPHRAGM so the vocals really stand out... it sounds almost like you're whispering them
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Or double-track the vocals, but then you lose the indie feeling. You'd HAVE to have drums and a fat bassline then.

I would have the guitar lead be the one to switch it up: not the vocals. Maybe shoot it up an octave or two every once in a while and/or take some of the things that you learn in the solo and apply them to the riffs.
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Thanks for the crit. As said before there's trouble with the vocals. The singing sounds good and your voice has a nice tone but it needs to be raised a tad. Again as said before the lead guitar needs to be down a touch. Overall it is a good song and I like the vibe it projects.
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