what should i do guys?
i bought a 1980 lead II from a local music shop it has a crappy humbucker and original single coil

i'm into classic rock/ metal/ rock

i want to do three pickups i'm just not sure what the best configuration would be

i also want to install a tremolo but the back has a very pretty picture so my only option would be a bigsby b7 or something but that may look weird

i was originally just going to put a fender noiseless and a les paul vintage but they are kind of expensive

i'm thinking

1 metal humbucker
1 classic rock humbucker
1 clean single coil

if that makes any sense

i'm kind of new to the whole custimization pickup wise

do you think i should stick with fender/gibson pickups or explore dimarzio/ seymore duncan?


also any guide to wiring? i'm very skilled with soldering so that shouldn't be a problem

Wow that thing is really SICK.

I would do HSS
hum, a hot-railed single, and a clean single.

That gives you so much versatility and keeps things clean looking, and HHS or HSH can look a little crowded.

gives you the awesome sound of a bridge humbucker with the awesome sound of a neck single.

I'd go with the single in the middle just because HHS or just HS doesn't look great to me.
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HSS for sure, some will say HSH but for versatility i'd definately go with HSS. A neck singlecoil is the **** for soloing in any genre, gives you much more dynamics and character than a humbucker would.

- edit - and in position 2 with both singlecoils you get that jangly dire straits sound, awesome for funk aswell!

- edit 2 - and yeah, explore. Fender and Gibson don't have that much to offer, SD and DiMarzio make great pickups and have really good descriptions and soundfiles on their pages.
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whats the pup routing look like under the pick guard?
i went for the "OH, AH, EH" sound combo from my pickups. sh-59n, alnico II, x2n.
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i really want the lead humbucker effect for classic rock

what pickups should i put in it I don't want to spend a fortune
HHS is always good. The middle humbucker made out to be a neck humbucker really, gets you nice smoothness with that bridge-edge. the neck single coil is a nice touch, nothing better than a neck SC in my opinion. i did HHS on my tele.
HSH i like. I wanna end up making a HSP90 config though, i think it's sound sweet. Either that or 90S90.

basically, whatever you like, as long as it's decent pups, it'll sound just fine
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