I'm not getting these guitars until probably a year or two... but i want to know which one is better. Is it the Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos or the Jackson KVX10 King V?

The only thing i see that the Xiphos has over the King V is it has a set neck rather than the King's bolt-on.

Oh, and don't worry about the Edge III on the Xiphos, if i get that, i'll replace it with an OFR.

So which one of these is better?

And i'm sure someone is going to want to know what kind of music i play, and i play anywhere from Hard Rock, to Punk, to Metal. And i really just want this to be a nice looking, good playing, metal guitar, just one to add to my collection when i finally get a job.

Xiphos, hands down. Absolutely! Also Dimarzio D-Activator>>>>Duncan designed. The Xiphos pwns the Jackson in virtually every aspect. The X series of Jackson is not that good anyway. Also the Ibanez is NOT a set-neck. It's NECK THRU! Which totally pwns!

Only thing you should think of is the strap button placement. You might have to drill a new hole for the strap button under the wing rather than behind it. Because the stock position makes it neck dive.
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