I would like to know how to loosen my fingers? I find it almost impossible to get my fingers to move even one forth of this Paul Gilbert lick . Any one have any suggestions to keep from getting stiff all the time
Massage your arm from the shoulder down to you fingertips before practicing and playing, to stimulate bloodflow.

Gently stretch the muscles of your arms and hands before playing.

Playing quickly requires that you slow right down. Start with a lick at 60bpm or lower, and when you have it perfect, and have eliminated all excess movement and tension in your fingers, hands and arms; then you can move up to a faster tempo. Say, 61bpm.

Seriously, it takes months of gradual increase in speed from the v e r y s l o w to play that fast.
Buy an NSD Powerball. A small hand gyroscope which is extremely powerful and at high speeds exerts a large amount of pressure on your biceps, triceps, wrist, hands, and fingers.
You won't regret it, I bought one about 5 days ago and my playing feels so much smoother, and my whole arm feels so relaxed all the time now, I used to suffer from pains in my arm after long practice sessions but now I feel great.

Just google them, or search on amazon for Powerball.

And no I do not mean ENGL Powerball.
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