so i just bought this guitar at my local guitar center because i really like the feel of it.
I'm guessing all guitars of this model do the same thing. When i strum a string it makes kind of a slapping sound. I play thrash and other heavier forms of music. I wanted to get a deeper tone more suitable for my kind of music. I was considering swapping some real EMG's on it...any suggestions?
I wouldn't expect a lots out of the stock pickup on that one. EMG passive is generally bad so i suggest you go with the idea and swap them with some active one. If you're going to play more than just metal I say go for a pair of Seymour Duncan or something, instead.

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Well stock ibanez pups *save the dimarzios* BLOW!

so depending on your genre buy a set of pickups, emgs for metal exclusively

OR Seymour duncan blackouts
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