I have a question about the el34 and el34L. I need to replace all six of my power tubes and I ordered a matched quad and a matched pair. I misread one of my orders and ended up with a quad of EL34L's and a pair of EL34's. Does anyone know if these can be used together with some biasing tweeks. Thanks.
what kind of amp, is it adjustable bias, and does it have a bias pot for each pair? If it runs all the tubes at the same time, you are going to want a complete matched sextet. You could probably get away with using the different tubes, but you're going to have to bias for either the EL34 or the E34L pair. As a result, the ones you don't bias will have a chance of running too cold/hot, and affecting sound or lifespan. If it's a TRec, it's fixed non adjustable bias, so the vendor should be testing them to operate correctly with Mesa's fixed bias.
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