Hi, I just bought a BC RICH S.O.B WMD, which I was told it is the best of the "beast" series guitar. I dont have an am,as Iam a begginer at guitar playing and I dont want to spend more than $300.00. Is there any amp that anyone can recommend????
Go to your local guitar shop and tell them what you've posted. Get someone to help you try them out, see which sound you like best. I've never owned one, but some amps have a TON of built in effects which you might like. I tried one out yesterday (I believe it was a Peavy, used) that had reverb/delay/flange/chorus/rotary/compressor/etc. but it sounded terrible.
what styles do you play the most? name a band that has the sound that you're trying to achieve and we can base our suggestions off of that mostly.
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I would advise one of the Roland Cube series, except the 30, I think that's the one where they skipped 1/2 the effects, could be wrong though.
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