Hi all,

I'm not sure where I should post these, but this seems like the proper place.

Most of my tracks are rock oriented (with a tinge of video game influence haha). Since it'll be a long time before I can actually play guitar decently enough to record, I try my best to make em sweet in Fruity Loops. Regardless, all of these songs start from the same place (GP5). So lemme know what ya think if ya check them out.

It's also worthy to note I make the actual drums in FL, and recently I found out I can easily export the drums into midi (and then GP5). Of course I'm a smart man and didn't back up my older FL files and lost em to a format. As a result, only my newer tabs have drums included. I also use little tricks to make the ending mp3 to sound better that aren't really necessary in actual playing (octave palm mutes for example).

The lower tracks are generally newer.


Lemme know what ya think!