So i want to build a guitar, now that all my other stuff is out of the way. i want this one to be totally rad, ofcourse. i have no idea what i want to do with it, all i know is that the neck is going to be maple/bloodwood/maple set neck... the body on the other hand i do not know... probably curly maple on top of walnut or mahogany (But god id love to get some white limba).

Basically, i want it to be a good guitar. simple electronics, i play rock/jazz... any ideas on body shape...heel contour...anything else?

it is going to have 27 frets by the way, 25.5 scale (played a hamer californian with 27 frets, must have it, it will likely be angled 24 fret bass side, 27 fret treble side).
Carved top SG? It seems to fit what you're looking for, and it would be the most rad shape ever.
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if you're going with 27 frets you need a design with a deep cutaway, why not a strat shape with a deeper cut? sounds like an interesting build man.
that sg looks ****ing awesome.

im not even going to try, because someone else is way more awesome than me. haha. i have designed the deeper horn... i think i am going to do an explorer... definitely semi-hollow ( i hate heavy) i am thinking White limba (praying i can get some.. big time) walnut, then some curly maple, and instead of a round over ill cove cut it. that could be sexy. what about a 27 fret jazzmaster? haha, for real. that would be different.
that SG = *fap fap fap*
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Since you seem to like it, you can all go shopping for a "Gibson SG Diablo". It's a totally nice guitar, and one of the nicest SGs I've ever seen. It's also got a really nice finish and the detailing has been flawless on the ones I've seen* - something one can't count on with most other models. However, it costs a pretty penny.

*) Not many, since it's one of their GotMs, limited to 1,000 worldwide
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