ok i need to know what is the best muti-effect pedal under $100

i keep looking at the digitech rp80

but let me know wat u guys think
I don't think it's under $100. But the G2 might be.
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see if you can find a Digitech RP150 or 250 used. The 150 doesn't have the wah pedal tho. both are very durable (made of metal), have AudioDNA, software to help customize. that's all i really know on multi-effect pedals. good luck

If that's your budget, I recommend either checking out the used market or saving a bit. But if you absolutely must have a new one now, the vamp2 is really the best you'll find. Check out the used market though. Here's what I found in your budget.

Digitech RP2000

Korg AX1500G

Digitech RP300
5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

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