Yeah, I know I just posted a thread asking a different question recently, but I'm just trying to work things out

So, to the question. I'm just wondering if there is a specific measurement I should be using for the location of bridge and neck pickups.
I'm sure there probably is, so--does anyone know it?
Okay, thanks.
And is that measurement to the center of the pickup, or a different location?

And to recondite Blue, I know I want to have a pretty clean tone. I don't want muddiness if that helps in anyway.
I want the notes to be distinct.

After quickly looking at my guitar, I can pretty much assume that the measurement is to bottom or top or the pickup (depending on if it's in the bridge or neck position)
The only measurement that matters really for location is the side to side placement. You of course want the pickups centrally under the strings to get an even response from every string.

As for longitudinal placement, the nearer the bridge the bridge pup is, the brighter and possibly twangier the sound will be, and the nearer the neck pup is to the neck, the rounder the tone will be. Muddiness with come from the actual pickups and the wood they're sitting in, and also the amp they're running through more than a few mm along the strings...

- Rich