would an ibanez grg neck fit any ibanez solid body or to be more specific an ibanez rg?
well, a GRG is basically an RG only cheaper. they are both Wizard necks so ya it would probably fit.
thanks dude i found a grg neck for a steal and im thinking about getting a cheap rg body or just making one...not entirely sure yet but thanks man
true but warmoth is kinda expensive and this build im trying to keep as cheap as possible as this is simplely because im bord and want a project to do over the summer lol...however i do want to put in decent pups so that may cost a shiny penny...or two lol
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ya. a good set of pups (unless you want to go classic EVH style and only use one) will cost 150-ish. i hope you can find everything you need. if i could suggest a pup for you without knowing your playing style i would say either a Seymour Duncan '59 or a JB. both are known to be good all around pickups.