ok, a while back i bought a microphone from radioshack. it's one of those Gigaware ones , not a professional microphone, but i'm not getting too far into recording yet. so it says it cancels bg noise and i tried recording just by putting it in front of my amp. its really REALLY quiet when i play it back. any help?

EDIt oh and it works fine with acoustic, its just the sound from the amp.
I'm really cheap so I use the mic on my MP3 player. I've noticed it sounds a lot better when it's about 5 feet away from the amp instead of right by it.
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^ his problem is the volume, not the quality. if you're running it straight into your computer then that would be your problem, you generally want a preamp to boost the signal strength. you might be able to turn up the input on your computer but don't expect too much.