Well I have some lyrics written as I love to write but the massive problem here is the music to match them... I wanted to know if anyone had some tips or knew where I can find something that helps me going over chords that go well with each other and stuff... I have been playing guitar for a year now and I can play a lot of songs w/ chords and now I want to start writing my own stuff. Can anyone help me?

thank you if you can!
I find it harder to write music to words, i do it the opposite way, do a simple chord progression , in the times i've written music to lyrics, the chord progressions come out very simple, but sound good.
i always write my music first..i may have like 30 songs to go through when i come up with a guitar part but eventally one will fit
the main forum on S&L is for presenting lyrics for critique. The Techniques subforum is for discussion of how to write lyrics and mating words with music.

it actually sounds like you'll do better with your needs in the Musician Talk forum.
i'll report this thread so it can be closed or moved to Techniques.

feel free to use the S&L main forum to post your lyrics, but please read the rules before starting a thread. the rules here are different from most other forums on UG.

you can find the rules in the announcement at the top of this forum.
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