Theres this guitar I want to buy but it has a crack in the paint. How can I fix this or if I carnt how much will it cost a pro to fix?
yould always put some filer or similar over it and sand it down and respray it, although you may have difficulty getting the same colour/finish

it would be very expensive to get a pro to do it for you,

unless you want to sell it, you may as well leave it, just a bit of "character"

just think how popular and expensive "relic'd" models have become...

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Just grab some of your mom's nail polish and fill it in and then sand. Now assuming she doesn't have any gold polish you just go and buy your own. I used my sister's to fill in a crack in my guitar (fortunately it was black so matching the colour was easy) and it worked great.
if it doesn't affect the sound, don't worry about it. As far as I'm concerned, it's a discount.
Don't worry about it. It's not on a noticeable part of the guitar.
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Paint over it with the same substance and then sand it down and start again. Use very fine sandpaper and very thin coats of varnish (or whatever you use).