Well I have some lyrics written as I love to write but the massive problem here is the music to match them... I wanted to know if anyone had some tips or knew where I can find something that helps me going over chords that go well with each other and stuff... I have been playing guitar for a year now and I can play a lot of songs w/ chords so now I want to start writing my own stuff. Can anyone help me?

thank you if you can!
Well at the moment just some acoustic songs w/ chords only. Simple but that can go along with the lyrics to express my feelings...
well it would depend on what style, acoustic is a very broad term. Some things you should know though are your scales, the chord scales, and some common chord progressions for your style of music. Most likely you'll want the major scale or the natural minor scale. From there you need to know the diatonic chord scale so you know what quality of chords to use(i.e. major, minor, diminished, augmented). Then the last part is gonna be looking up lead sheets and music of some of the similar artists songs in the style you're playing. Analyze those and realize what chord progressions they use. 95% of the time the first chord in the song is gonna be the root chord so it will be easy to figre out the key.
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Well, if you don't really have enough knowledge in theory and want to write ASAP, just hum along the lyrics randomly and find the most suitable melody

then just strum random chords (try chords from your favorite songs) to find which chord progression that suits the melody

stupid, I know LOL but it worked for me, but you will get stuck in the rut pretty quickly though