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Okay, first of all, NO AGUEING. This is all just expression of opinion for everyone who wants to contribute it.


My top ones are:
-Black Dog
-Killing in the Name of
-Iron Man

(I know my spelling may be alittle off)
id say memorable riffs for anyone who knows music would be
smoke on the water
iron man
enter sandman

but my favs are

as i am - dream theater
swim - in flames
cloud connected - in flames
heavy - collective soul
e1m1 and e1m8 - from doom (if those count)
Glass Prison - dream theater
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smoke on the water
beast and the harlot
unholy confessions
fear of the dark
fade to black
The whammy riff in 'Searching' by Joe Satriani
That made my heart stop
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Number of the Beast
Master of Puppets.
EDIT: How could I forget Back in Black?
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surfing for the alien - satch
these walls - dream theater
inside the fire - disturbed
down with the sickness - disturbed
find the real - alter bridge
sorry you're not a winner - enter shikari

and many more...
The ones I remember are:

Werewolf of Westeria- John 5, a reallly sick lick in there.

March of The Pigs- NIN

Incinerate- Sonic Youth
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depends on who you're asking. on a forum with a bunch of musicians, you'll get a whole different set or responses than you would your casual music listener.
i'd say for the masses who really aren't into music as much as you and i, the most memorable riffs you be:
satisfaction - stones
iron man - sabbath
beat it - mj with evh

Mr. Brownstone, I hate that dick axl but damn nice riff
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For the average person:

Smoke On the Water
Sweet Child O' Mine
Iron Man

For me:

Carcass - This Mortal Coil
Opeth - The Night And the Silent Water
Death - Trapped In A Corner
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Jaws of Life- John Petrucci
The Groove- Muse
Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt- The Mars Volta
Acid Rain- Liquid Tension Experiment
Exo-Politics- Muse
Homage to a Shame- Oceansize
Normal- Porcupine Tree
Love?- Strapping Young Lad

smoke over the water-Deep Purple
purple haze- jimi hendrix
back in black- ad-dc
smells like teen spirit- nirvana
snow hey ho- rhcp, gotta love this one
crazy train- ozzy
under the bridge-rhcp
kryptonite-three doors down
seven nation army- the white stripes
layla-Derek And The Dominos
welcome home-coheed
everlong-foo fighters
banana pancakes-good ol jack johnson
Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
Iron Man-Black Sabbath
Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova
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there's a utube vid of "20 greatest guitar riffs" or something that's pretty accurate in my book. I'll give some anyways :P

Crazy Train
Walk This Way
Hotel Cali, I know its not a riff but all guitarists recognize it
Back In Black
Crazy Train
Smoke On The Water
Iron Man
Seven Nation Army

There's a top 5 for you.

Also, Heartbreaker and Day Tripper should get mentions here.

explosions in the sky - your hand in mine

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smoke on the fkn water /thread
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Hmm probably not most memorable, but the riff that sticks in my head the most is prolly' Jump in the Fire - Metallica. Love it
Black Sabbath - Hole in the Sky
Mountain - mississippi queen verses and little solo at the start, its rock and roll
alter bridge - one day remains
Led Zeppelin - House of holy
Besides Smoke on the Water... I'd say the first couple riffs in Master of Puppets
the intro to Layla gets me everytime. when i saw eric live about a week ago and he started layla, everyone erupted, it was just amazing.
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Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Death - Crystal Mountain
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Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules. Love this one.
Iron Maiden - Powerslave.
Jeff Beck - Earthquake.
King Crimson - Red.
Rainbow - Man on the Silver Mountain.
Santana - Intro riffs to "Abraxas."
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Simple but memorable,

-Crazy Train intro
-Back in black
-Ziggy Stardust
I gotta give it to Muffin Man by Frank Zappa. Go out and give it a listen. Really awesome riff.
Sweet child o mine
welcome to the jungle
GNR list goes on and on..
Master of Puppets
seek and destroy
back in black
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