ok so someone has bound to have put this up before

but just wanted to know which band every1 prefers?

im a big DT fan and saw symphony x supporting them and was totally impressed but still prefer dream theater.....
i like symphony x but to me dream theater epitomise progressive metal
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I have to say it...

Symphony X, cause I hate James LaBrie's voice. And, cause SX isnt really as wankish as DT...
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Oh and you're in the wrong forum too.

And I choose DT. But I'm listening to some Symphony X right now.

I'm liking the new Opeth cd as well. As a matter of fact, I like Opeth better than Symphony X.
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sweet, yea sorry about my forum retardedness
yea im totally getting into Opeth now..their new cd esp
i dont want people thinking im narrow minded tho, i mean dream theater kinda introduced me to the prog metal genre but im branching out nd finding more interesting and better bands as i go
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neither man i like good music

metallica, A7X, Children of Bodom, Atreyu, Nofx, 36 crazy fist, Black sabbath Carved out

Apparently not, by the way your band is terrible

Symphony X for me. Their songs don't drag on as much and all the instruments work together really well.

Edit:Save black sabbath on that last, no disrespect towards them
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neither man i like good music

Lol, clever. Would have worked better if you didn't listen to a bunch of crappy generic bands though.

Btw, I'd pick Symphony X. I love both DT and SX, but tbh I think DT is a bit overrated.