I'm trying to find Chiodos sheet music and I've been searing for quite some time now. If any one knows where i can find some, mainly the song "There's No Penguins in Alaska", please leave a comment or contact me

aim - Kylexkhaos

msn - thewildwilsons@alltel.net

p.s. no I'm not talking about tabs, I'm trying to find sheet music for a tat im going to be getting :]
If you can't find it, they probably don't make it. Did you check guitar pro files?

edit: I checked, and there are a few GP files for that song here on UG. Why don't you look through those and find the part you want. Just makes sure you go to view->hide standard notation and make sure it isn't checked off.
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They probably don't make sheet music for a band like Chiodos. They aren't that big, compared to bands that probably would have sheet music.