I have been playing for about 2 months, but not alot though. I love canon rock, and im wondering how long you think it should take me. ????
longer than you want to hear
just start practicing, you'll get it eventually
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People learn at different speeds, 2 months could mean anything. You could practice once a week or for 2 hours every day.
But it'll be a fair while, its not a massively hard piece, just start learning techniques, i think there's some tutorials on youtube, just keep practicing. you'll get it when you can
Um.......WAY longer. Just practice.

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well for only playing two months i dont think you'll get it right away. but you should start learning the piece part by part and you'll get it eventually
Learn piece by piece. It will be hard but if you got the patience you can do it.
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I think you could get the slow part at the beginning.

The rest you're gonna have wait for. Don't totally jump into things over your head or the product is gonna be really sloppy and not fun to listen to.

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its gonna take you forever for the sweeping parts

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i was figuring this or 666 was going to show up somewhere along the thread. But seriously, it's gonna take a while. It sounds harder than it is, except the sweeping parts will give a n00b some difficulty. Just practice hard and have patience. You'll get it down eventually
after about 4 years you should have it down no problem, unless you're really slow.
The sweeping parts are tough, but the rest isn't too bad if you have some experience.