When you have a chord like this:

E: --------
B: --------
G: ---14--
D: ----x---
A: ---12--
E: --------

When I strum it really fast, I can't help but hit the low E string.
How can I prevent it from making any sound?

thank you
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I play this using my index finger for the A string and my pinky for the G string. I mute the E string with my index finger while im playing the A string. So essentially, you could use your index finger to play the note on the A string AND mute the E at the same time.

If you practice enough you should be able to mute every string while playing that.
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touch it (the low E) lightly with the tip[ of your index finger or whatever ones pressing the 12 note thing
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Ring + Index to fret.
Middle to mute E string!
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You could also barre the 11th fret, muting all those strings, and fret the 12 and 14 however you want. Easy.
Those are called octaves =]

when playing octaves, you've gotta play them like power chords, mute the E string with your index finger and the rest with your ring finger. When I play octaves on the D string I mute the strings with my middle finger because its awkward to do it any other way, for me.
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