My friend who's too lazy to get a UG account wants to change out the pickups in his SSS Strat style guitar.

He wants some that would suit Jazzy type stuff, but ones that also sound good distorted. I've already suggested him a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge position for the distorted part. Can you guys/girls suggest some good ones for the neck and middle position?
i would suggest either (from bridge to neck)
Hot-Vintage-Cool rails
Single coil space hums, great set

this set up you can personalize more, by putting in a burgundy instead of a red, a light blue instead of a blue, or anything you want.

I dont own any of these, as im way to poor. but im considering getting some of them eventually, but i cant decide between the two sets.
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He's got some kind of Epiphone amp.

And his dad will be the one paying for them, so probably nothing over $50-$60 a pup.
Hot Rails or Little 59 in the neck.
Hot Rails or Duckbucker in mid.
JB Jr. in bridge.
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^Hot rails would make a terrible setup for "Jazzy" cleans.

Quote by FireandFlames
He's got some kind of Epiphone amp.

And his dad will be the one paying for them, so probably nothing over $50-$60 a pup.

Well, I ask because the amp is the most important part of your tone - way more so than pickups. Pickup swamps are for tweaking your tone, and make minimal difference. In fact, unless you have a decent amp, you (he, I guess) might not even notice the swap.
most S-S-S are great for jazz tones its about your amp man. in jazz its a good thing to have a different sound(not from your band haha). you can have light distortion, effects, whatever you want as long as its resonably smooth (unless you need something rough) and dont conflict with your band.

its ok to stick out alil just dont conflict.
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