since my xbox ive had since 2 weeks after it came out died on me.( i didnt pay a rediculs amount on ebay, i was lucky to find one at wal-mart) but i`ll save you my sob story.

a trade needs be worked out thou. i have little cash right now. ($30ish) and $20 in store credit at ebgames.
but on top of that i can trade:
a utg airsoft ak-47
airsoft gas pistol ( i don`t know much about it) non-blow back
a like new line 6 spider 3 15 watt, and i can give box and possibly manual (before you yell at me, i was gifted this) maybe you can re-gift this.
i have a dvd drive for an xbox 360, i have 2, a tobisha and a samsung (i think PM me if you interested) but can only part with one.
a like new dawn of the dead ultimate edition. (all 3 version of the movie in one package)

yeah, i know. seems desperate. but i thought i would give this a shot

EDIT: i am in maryland
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