I'm thinking about upgrading the tuners on my guitar but the type of tuners I want (planet waves auto-trim) are not available left-handed. would there be a problem if I just put them in anyway? it doesn't look like it would make a huge difference but I don't have any experience with this kind of stuff. sorry if it's a stupid question but I don't want to buy a $60 set of tuning machines just to find out that I can't use them
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Just take the string and put it into the tuner from the other side. Like how the string comes off the right of the right of the tuner then to the nut...just take the string off and wind it the other way around.

As far as the autotrims, idk if you can do that with them.
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Right handed tuners would mount backwards. The little screw or pin that keeps em from spinning will be opposite form where yours are now. And of course they will tune backwards. They will turn opposite from they way lefty ones normally tune. If you have 2 strat style guitars just have to remember one is backwards.