Hmm I was wondering how is Karate class like? I would love to learn some martial arts and get fit. So has anyone experienced or taken karate classes before? How is it?
Krav Maga ftw.
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I didn't get a whole lot of useful things out of it in terms of fighting in the real world.

Edit: and i personally have to second the krav maga
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hmm my favorite styles are Muay Thai (Kick Box) and Jeet Kun Do (Bruce Lee Style)..
muay thai would buff up ur legs, i say brazilian jiu jitsu though... or anything else that could improve ur skill if ur wrestling with someone...cuz i don't know a lot of people who fight on the streets or for fun and stay standing the whole time.. might as well strengthen the place you'll use the most. Or watch UFC and wish u were as skilled as the fighters there :X *Clay Guida ftw.*
You should guve it a try because the class can be very different from one martial art to another

For example in karate things are very ordered and sistematic (sp?)
on other ones , specially the ones that are very focused into self defense , they tend to make you fight since the beginning to help you get familiar with that kind of situation.
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If you're looking for a way to learn how to fight i wouldn't learn karate, in my experience it's only really useful if the person you're fighting is also using a similar style, if someone just comes at you doing something closer to boxing, you'll be pretty unprepared considering the stuff you learned in class.

If i were looking into it myself, I'd consider it more as a sport than anything, but an excelent way to keep fit, you're constantly moving and it gives a great feeling of accomplishment once you start getting your belts.
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I did tae kwon do for a few years a while back and really enjoyed it. Martial arts is a great way to get in shape, stay active, meet people, and learn some self defense skills.

Research the style a little bit before you get into it. TKD is all about kicks, overly flashy and useless in real fight kicks most of the time, but they do improve flexibility.

You mention Karate, is that the actual style or are you using that as a generalizing term for all martial arts? Karate is a martial art, martial arts is not karate. You'd be surprised how many people misuse the name Karate.

To sum it up I highly recommend taking martial arts classes for my above reasons. You'll probably get hurt a bit so just go in expecting that, but it's definitely worth it.
When I took kick boxing it went like this, walk in jump rope for like 10 minutes, do 100 push-ups... Practice punches and kicks while the instructor holds a pad up, and whenever you leave your gaurd down hed hit you in the head. Then hed teach us a new move, \after that we'd shadow box. And then after all that was over we'd do some more exercises and go spar...
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From my experience, karate classes are a scam. My place might have just sucked though.

I thought everyone knew that Tae Bo is the best form of martial arts.

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Naa, Tae Kwon Do is better imho. I did both and I liked Tae Kwon Do better. A lot more kicking than punching. Although my opinion is biased, since I love kicking more than punching.
I've been in karate for like 7 years and I have a second degree black belt and I hate it with a passion, I like it for 2 years (I was really young) then I started to hate it and I'm trying to quit soon but my parents are forcing me into it. In my opinion don't join it.
Karate, Taekwon Do, Kung Fu... And most of the traditional martial arts, are only useful after you learned and trained for a lot of years.
If you want sport, my recommendation is "ITF Taekwon Do". It's very sparring oriented, a lot of jumping, kicking, punching...
If you want it to protect yourself, my recommendation is "Krav Maga". Straight to the point and fast.

I took karate for about 8 years, and I got to be a black belt.

I think it really depends on the dojo you learn it at, but I would highly recommend trying it out for a few lessons. It can help you in so many different ways, go for it.
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BJJ is not always the right way to go.

Helps alot though.

Wrestling is the best base to build off of. With wrestling, you can dictate where the fight takes place.

But theres alot of of branches of karate.

Look into doing Kyokushin or Shotokan.

Lyoto Machida shows how effective karate can be.

He also trains in BJJ though.

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My friend's dad had his own kenpo karate place, which unlike most karate places, was really hardcore and mainly outdoors, which made it much better than if you join some crap indoor place that has 30 minute classes and you get basically no conditioning out of it. So his dad was trained by this higher ranked sensei who also has a training center, and is also equally hardcore. They have basically 2 hour classes and sometimes they put the heater on in the summer. They're karate but they actually do kata's from a bunch of different styles of martial arts.

So i think that whatever style of martial arts you do, it's going to be hard work and you're going to have to put your all into it to be successful.
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Well I was thinking of going with a style of Muay Thai and Taek Kwon Do... Here is the website where I might being going to http://www.warriorswayar.net/ but im still looking at some other places also. Oh yea the guy who mentioned about the rg2ex1. It is a really nice guitar, the binding and the trim around the ibanez is really cool, Really fast neck.
I've been doing Karate for 11 years and it's the ****. I am a second degree black Belt

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Well I was thinking of going with a style of Muay Thai and Taek Kwon Do... Here is the website where I might being going to http://www.warriorswayar.net/ but im still looking at some other places also. Oh yea the guy who mentioned about the rg2ex1. It is a really nice guitar, the binding and the trim around the ibanez is really cool, Really fast neck.

Muay Thai is awesome, you wont be disappointed
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