I'm 46, but I must confess I still like these tunes I grew up on and really enjoy playing some of them with my son.

I love this guitar! This is my I-35 with a fulltone drive, delay, and a 12 watt Headstrong. Love to hear comments from anyone and especially other I-35 owners as to what kind of rig you may be using. Thanks, dale.

no problem man, actually watched it again because the Doobie Brothers rock and I spotted it in the forums again.

nice job again mate.
sounds great, get some vocals in there and i would wanna watch that live!
Sounds great man. I assume that is your son on drums. Both of you sound great.

Question though, "Where do I get that tabbed????"
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thanks so much - it is my son - we sure appreciate you watching! I do not have tab, sorry! All the best,