i am really diggin' your voice man. i think it would do you some good to turn the vocals up a little bit. The drums sound great, they really help make the song flow together nicely. Lyrics are good and they go well with the music.

9/10 keep up the good work.

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First off, I loved the guitar, the mix on it was perfict to me, the tone was really immpressive as well. The vocals were very good, but mixed a little low in my opinion, songs live and die on good melodys and strong vocal preformances, you have one, but you need to let it stand out and carry the song more. The drums fit nicely with the song and definitely added the right kind of color, I was plesantly suprised with the over-all tone, I expected soemthing darker and harsher after the intro.
Thanks a lot for the crits, I updated it with vocals higher in the mix. Critting back now.
I agree on the vocals, they sound great, very well sung and recorded. The intro or main riff does sort of provide a different feel than the chorus, but I think as it is it works good, the darker riff sets up the extra chords during the chorus, its a good balance I think. Drums are spot on- if you programmed em i'm very impressed. Guitar track is great, good tone there. The bass is a bit hard for me to hear but it accents whats going on just fine. Overall a great tune you got here, the fact that you wrote+recorded it all in one day shows you got talent. Keep it up!

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