First off, I hope this doesn't get swallowed in all the band threads floating around here.

Alright, to business. I'm in a band and I want to be our singer, at least part time. Our singer (and co-guitarist) told me that he didn't care too much as long as I put forth some good vocals. We've talked about it and we said that our dream vocalists are Nic Cester from Jet, Josh Todd from Buckcherry, and Joel O'Keefe from Airbourne. I have an okay voice as it is, but I would really love to sound even a tiny bit like these guys. Kind of like that rock-ish screaming, since thats what we mainly play.

So I'm basically asking for any tips, tricks, ideas, or instructions that you guys have to help improve my voice.

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Hum.... a lot. It helps to project your voice and resonate it more. It also helps with breathing because it requires long deep breaths and can steady your voice out. it'll let you let out as much air as possible to keep those notes (and screams) last longer.
Hope that helps a little.
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You SHOULD really learn to use your (rock)falsetto well (Axl rose, vince neil) because you're likely to need it sometimes.
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