I have my precalc final tomorrow and i forgot how to do the following:

Find the Annual Percentage rate on an account that pays 7.2% interest compounded continuously.


edit: yield-->rate
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precalc? i did that in algebra 1.

ummm......i can't remember but it has to do with the initial amount with the percent interest, then how many years it is in effect, and then how often it is compounded. i can't beleive i forgot it.
I believe this is that "pert" formula.
I did this earlier this year (I'm in IMP3, which comes right before pre-calc), but i've forgotten
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Yeah it's Pe^rt, but idk how to find the APR

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Isn't the answer just 7.2%? That's the interest rate annually..

Is it even possible to work out total yield, without set units of time to divide the rate by? "Continuously" doesn't help much. That would be 0.072/infinite.
you are looking for exponentail growth i assume? P=C e^rt
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