My dad is looking at getting me the Les Paul studio which will end up being $1400.
I'm looking to play mostly metal, can you guys name anything that sounds awsome for a lesser price. 7 strings welcome too.

EDIT: I will mostly likely play a lot of slipknot, ministry, and soundgarden( yes i know it's not metal)

And can you guys recomend a good amp? under 1 grand?
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the les paul will do anythin although im sure u could find one of equal qaulity for less than 1400 if u want it too...however schecters r also good metal guitars if u dont like the paul
If you want a LP shape, go for an Epiphone Elitist. They beat out most Gibsons any day.

If not the Elitist, then a Carvin.
Elitists rock the boat, I thought studios were like 1100
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You're gonna have to get a lot more specific, which metal bands do you like most?

Carvin is my top choice, behind that an Ibanez Prestige (made in Japan only) or a Shecter C-1 Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX.
The Prophecy Series From Epiphone.

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Great Tone & Quality.

Yes, poop.
don't get a schecter get a les paul classic.
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schecter even the schecter omen 6 which i picked up today works amazing for metal might return n upgrade to a c1 tho
Or ESP Horizon. Great guitars...
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If you want a LP style guitar, get an Agile from rondomusic. They are just as good as Gibsons. DOnt let the price fool you. They are made out of the same materials, some are even better. Look then up. YOu can either spend 1500 bucks or 400 on the tone you want. It depends on how bad you want a name brand on your headstock.
Quote by acidious666
They are made out of the same materials, some are even better.
Same material =/= same quality. Just because one guitar is made of mahogany doesn't mean it's going to be the same quality of mahogany that is used in another guitar. Yes, with Gibson some of the money you're paying is just for the name, but there's a reason why that name got so famous and respected in the first place.

And you can't seriously expect a guitar that costs a sixth of the price to have the same level of quality wood and metal in it's componants.

I'd say go for an Epiphone Elitist, an ESP, or a Tokai. Vintage are good LP copies too, but they're made more for blues and soft rock playing.
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