i was thinking about getting a new amp and i really want a tube amp for the tone but have never owned one before. i have a roland cube 60 now and play a lot of heavy metal. ive been looking for a while and I am thinking about the peavey valveking or the randall RG50. both of these are relatively cheap and are tube amps. can anyone recommend one of the two or say anything bad about them. does anyone really prefer solid state to tube, and which amp would you recommend. looking for some advice here. thanks
The Valveking wont get good metal tones witout an OD pedal in front of it. I've personally never played the RG50. Try out the B-52 AT-112. Its really nice, and pretty cheap. Plus, its really versatile so you wont be limited to certain styles.
I don't know much about Randalls, but it seems that everyone I know whose purchased a ValveKing LOVES it.
valveking. i have a 1 12 its loud and i dont use a distortion pedal and i play in a thrash metal band
Go with the Randall

I tryed both the valveking and randall, and I was not a fan of the valveking's distortion at all. The randall's distortion was much sharper.
I bought the randall and love it.
The Valveking is an excellent amp, good for pretty much anything. Unfortunately, I've never tried the Randall, so I don't have a solid opinion on it.
I've never owned or played the RG50 so in my biased opinion, since I own a Valveking 100 Head, I think you should get the Valveking. It can switch from A to A/B class power depending on if you want a nice bluesy clean sound or if you want a crushing full power distortion from your tubes. The valveking offers a nice EQ, the reverb leaves a little wanting in which you might invest in a reverb pedal. The Clean channel sounds great and also has a bright setting with a 3 band EQ, High, Mid, Bass obviously. There's no master volume which is a negative. Also, the lead channel gives a good gain that could be used for early heavy metal like Black Sabbath/Deep Purple tones. The lead channel also has a gain/volume boost that can change your classic heavy metal distortion into a nice brutal distortion that's good for Thrash/Death/Black metal. Anyways, I'm not trying to sell the Valveking head or anything, but I'm just giving you my review of what it is and imo it's a very good amp.
Melodic Death is the only way.